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omg_ya's Journal

OMG!! Young Avengers
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This RP is under construction, and will not open until January 1, 2007.

Welcome to OMG!! Young Avengers! This RP is based off of omg_gb, which is based off the dead omg_naruto.

What the friggedy is going on here?
Due to an incident most likely related to the Scarlet Witch and her wonderfully enabling powerful hexes, the people of the world are beginning to pop up in duplicate, or even triplicate. If they were all calm, logical people, they would probably work this out in a calm, logical manner. That thing is this is the universe that hosted Civil War these clones are anything but calm. Or logical, for that matter. They're completely irrational, and so exaggerated in their personalities that they're starting to mess up the lives of the 'originals'.

And a bunch of crazy super-hero dupes is not the optimunm situation when you're trying to minimize random acts of mass destruction.

So what are the super heroes of Marvelverse to do?

How exactly did these doppelgangers get into their world?

How can they be sent back?

If you have sex with your clone, is it masturbation?

All these questions and a good deal more will hopefully be answered over the course of time!

So how does this thing work, anyway?:
Gameplay will work like this: each character has an In-Character (IC) and an Out Of Character (OOC) version. These two groups are suddently jolted into the same world! They are confused. They are shocked! They are ... finding it a little sexy.

Where's the FAQ?
Right here, my dear.

Why is this OMG!! Young Avengers, if you're covering the whole Marvel Universe?!
Uh... because omg_marvel didn't sound nearly as cool?

DUDE. This is amazing! How do I get in on the action?
Read the Rules below!

I wanna play, but there's so much plot to cover!
Actually, you're not. Part of this crossing universes thing is that people... tend to blink in and out. This is NOT to say that it's okay for you to randomly drop your character. However, it does mean that you can pick up a new charcter, or a dropped on at any time, without needing to know previous plot.

OMG, I wanna play Stature/Wither/Anole!!!ONE CAN I?!
Take a few deep breaths, there, tiger. Then, go down to the Taken Characters list, so see if the one you want is up there.

I friended this community, but I can't post! ;O;
You can friend this community, but only people with character journals can post. This is to keep spammers out, sorry! Try the OOC community when it's up?

Moderator: Toast (alicorn9)

No, really...if you have sex with your clone, is it masturbation...?