alicorn9 aka TOAST (alicorn9) wrote in omg_ya,
alicorn9 aka TOAST

Application Suggestions

In case you need inspiration as to what to base your sample posts on, here's some topics to write about. These are borrowed heavily from omg_maou's suggestion box. Because they are awesome.

For IC Characters:

1) You just encountered your OOC self, but s/he ran away before you could do anything, saying only "WE SHALL RULE THE WORLD!"

2)Write an entry beginning with this phrase: "Am I the only one in the world who's NOT naked?!"

3) You've been captured by the OOCs! Write a journal entry appealing to your comrades for help. Because you can only fit a small piece of paper on a pigeon's leg, this entry must be 100 words or less.

For OOC Characters:

1)What is this crazy place?! Write a journal entry about what you plan to do (or who, for that matter) now that you're in Marvelverse.

2) You want a truce with your IC self. Write him/her a letter apoligizing for that time when you dangled him/her off the Avengers mansion by the ankles.

3) Write an entry beginning with this phrase: "If I ever see another tomato again, I'll scream!"
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