alicorn9 aka TOAST (alicorn9) wrote in omg_ya,
alicorn9 aka TOAST

The Rules

1) Stay active! Members should post in their own journals at least once a week. If you're going to be unable to post, make a note in the OOC community about it, and make sure that you tie up lose ends with the other players before you go! If you're inactive for 2 weeks with no notice, I'll send a warning. Three strike system. 3 warnings, and you're cut.

2) No flaming. No insults. Characters are free to dis the hell out of each other, but don't let it get personal. I don't care if you have a problem with someone, please don't bring it here. Also, don't take anything said between characters as a personal insult. Just because a character is rude to your character, it doesn't mean the player dislikes you. If you feel like you have a problem with another player, please discuss it with me first before taking matters into your own hands. I don't want any bad blood in this community.

3) Use the LJ-cut for anything that's not worksafe. That means cut anything above a PG rating. Also, please use a LJ-cut for images, scans, quizzes, large amounts of text,etc. We don't want to be destroying people's computers, here.

4) This RP is SLASH, FEMMESLASH, HET, and SMUT friendly. If any of these offend or upset you, don't join.

5) No god-moding. God-moding is when you decide a character's fate or response without consulting the other character's player. Example: "I, the OOC Wiccan, rain fiery destruction down upon you all! ROCKS FALL!!! EVERYONE DIES!!!!" God-moding is annoying and detracts from the RP. Please don't do it.

6) Marvel is always evolving, and so should players. If new things pop up in the continuity over time, characters should edit the way they play accordingly. If something huge happens in the comics, a similar event may possibly occur as well in RP.

7) Posts should be in English. It's all right to use some recognizable foreign phrases, (eg: D'accord), but make sure that these are being used because the character normally uses them, and that they do not subtract from the content of what you are writing. If you're shaky with English, just find someone in the community who can make corrections for you. I'm a good candidate if no one else is available.

8) A single player may have up to two characters, at the moment, one IC, and one OOC.

9) Questions, comments and concerns can go to the OOC community when it's up. Until then, e-mail me at dytabytes 2 gmail . com.

10) Stay in character if possible, but if you want to mess thigns up a bit, go ahead! This isn't totally serious RP, as you've probably noticed, so take some time to mess around a bit! Go ahead! I dare you.

11) This IS a crack RP. Members are not only allowed to go batshit crazy here, they're encouraged to do so. Lemons, slash, slapstick, stick figures, absurdity in general, ALL are welcome here. So go ahead and get messy.
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